“You’re not the boss of me” -( yes I am because I am your mother and this is my job)

“You’re  treating me like your employee and telling me what to do”- (yes because there are things that need to be done)

Last week there was a lot of dialogue in the news about banning the word ‘bossy’.  Sheryl Sandberg’s foundation, LeanIn.org, has teamed up with the Girl Scouts for a Ban Bossy campaign, Pantene sponsorship, and quotes from the fame-osphere including Michelle Obama, Jennifer Gardner, Melinda Gates, Beyonce

Click on the youtube link…it is only 1 minute long

Then there was the study released last week that found little girls who played with Barbie for 5 minutes have fewer career aspirations than girls who play 5 minutes with Mrs Potato Head.  Really…who supports these weird studies?  The Girl Scouts received 2 million dollars from Mattel for their “Be Anything” campaign which bans the word bossy. Girls earn a patch for career exploration and Barbie has been encouraging exploring the world without limits for 50 years.  Does playing with a beautiful Barbie Doll crush ambition…hardly in my opinion.  Some wear suits and are dressed as doctors along with other professions too.

Yesterday I went to a spectacular performance of the Boston Ballet Cinderella.  The audience was filled with little girls dressed as princesses in their beautiful outfits.  I loved it. Don’t most little girls want to be a princess?  It is the most purchased halloween outfit!

And then there is Katniss of the ‘Hunger Games’ vs Beatrice from ‘Divergent’…both are 16, both are tough, both are beautiful, both are rebels who rise up as leaders from humble roots, both face evil antagonists. I bet they played with dolls.

The LEGO Movie with 3 1/2 stars has generated to date $236.9 million dollars and is a top release of 2014 and on track to be amongst the top 30 most profitable films ever made.  Has not gotten a lot of press but the story is about an evil tyrant Lord Business out to destroy the world. The heroes of the film are rebels who figure out that you don’t have to follow the instructions and that if you work together you can save the world.

I like the word Alpha Female…and the dynamics of a collaborative team environment.  Coaching for encouragement and suggestions sometimes works but not always.  Leading strongly to make a difference needs the power of persuasion and should be admired.  Me…I never played with dolls but I DO NOT think that means a thing in terms of  ambition.  What I think is that it is interesting  how women and girls express themselves with confidence without being shy.  And one size does not fit all.  We  look to  Gen Ys who are not shy about expressing themselves and ‘tooting their own horn’… how will their children be influenced?  I’m encouraged that  Generation Z will fill the leadership gap in a nanosecond.  There will be 25 year old CEOs. They will want to be the stars.  How we influence them, some of them being our grandchildren, will be our next assignment…I’M NOT BOSSY, I’M THE BOSS