$_57Really Ralph? What were you thinking? Is it a bit too American? Too overpowering? Well the sweater sold out within hours with a price tag of $595. Now you can find them on eBay! Price tag $1995! Don’t you love it now? Ralph Lauren posted earnings and sales forecasts February 5th beating Wall Street predictions with quarterly profits up 9.7% over the year prior. This is the premier American luxury brand.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.30.42 PMDon’t you love the Norwegians? There has been more buzz about their wacky pants than any other. The team picks out the pants they will wear for each game, all different designs. They defeated the US  and did it by wearing checkered pants of red, white, and blue, the color of their country. Brings a lot of conversation to a small sport. Fashion forward!

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.30.56 PMThe Germans are a bit out there too! I think these colors and designs are fun.


Tonga’s two athletes made a statement.  The fashion police gave them high marks.  Where is Tonga? A Kingdom of 176 Polynesian islands.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.28.53 PMI did like the Russians as their coats reminded me of Dr Zhivago, my favorite movie.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.30.14 PMAnd we always love the Canadians with their sea of Red


WOMEN IN THE OLYMPIC NEWS: Lots of beautiful athletes and my favorites are the Canadian Dufour-Lapointe sisters. Justine won the gold and Chloe the silver for the Mogul contests. Amazingly beautiful sisters that won the hearts of Canadians and of me. There is one more sister, Maxime, also an Olympic athlete.  I’m awed by the family. How proud the parents must be.


Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 8.35.01 PM

WOMEN IN THE POLITICAL NEWS: Michelle Obama wins the prize last week for the most beautiful gown at the State Dinner. My favorite designer Carolina Herrera dressed the first lady in elegance.


WOMEN IN THE RETAIL NEWS: Marigay McKee, the new President of Saks has arrived from London to return Saks to its glory. Besides she is beautiful, and well trained at Harrods, my favorite store. Owned by Hudson Bay in Canada, she will generate a fresh, personal conversation with Saks customers, both online and off-which is what she did at Harrods. “Retail is about fun, its about theater, it’s about activity. My favorite saying is, fear of failure is the biggest impediment to success.” Something  she said  resonated with me.
It surprises me that most fashion buyers know everything there is to know about which trend and hemline we will be wearing in six months but cannot tell me what the density of their sales floor is, what the return is, what the dollars per square foot is, what their top selling stock-keeping unit is and how many times they have reordered it in the season. However fashionable the brand, we always start and finish with the numbers-the sell throughs, the margins, the returns, the contributions, and then we talk abut the pleasantries.”

Lots of MY FAVORITE things to talk about this weekwhat are YOUR FAVORITES?