‘Bagging a deer’  do you know what it means?

Deer Hunting Season officially started Saturday in Vermont.  Every state has different rules for dates, so check before getting the license. .

For instance, in Vermont November 15-30 is Rifle,  Dec 6-14 is Bow and Arrow and there are dates for Muzzle Loader.  We saw many men, young and old, hunting this weekend, walking the woods with their guns loaded.  Permits are $25 for in-state…$100 for out of state.  Sunday night I happened upon this happy hunter bringing his deer to get weighed at Singletons, the local general store.  Jason was a proud guy, his deer weighing in at 135#  He was going home to gut and hang. And going out the next day with a friend so he can get one.


The good news is it thins out the herd, over 100,000 deer killed in just a couple of weeks.  In many states Black Bear permits are available at the same time.  Besides walking the acreage, there are perches that hunters build.  A gentleman’s agreement about the territory. No one dares to share. How is that for comfort on a cold and windy day!


And then there is the gear…do you camouflage or do you wear bright orange to be visible…I guess it is your own bias. No one wants a Dick Cheney repeat.


There is Youth Gun Season which only is a week. There is Fur Bearing Season which you can shoot otter, beaver, muskrat, bobcat…etc.


The antler trophies are important to log the kill…perfect decoration for a garage.  The taxidermist is busy with business.  And you can always sell the deer heads to restaurants and shops for their decor.


Bird hunting was last month…and I had the pleasure of joining  friends walking the trails hunting for partridge.  We shot a few…and ate them…and they were yummy. Clean and fresh taste, much better than chicken. Their feathers were beautiful.

IMG_3271 IMG_3277 IMG_3279

I asked how to track a deer.  The answer is look for scat…this one is from a wolf…who just ate a deer…not gross, just nature!


You might ask how this is effecting retail?  So much to buy, wrap yourself in fake weeds to hide from the birds, buy a camouflage blind, fake birds to appear as friends, whistles for bird calls, gear to drag the deer from the woods which could be miles to the pick up truck, and new outfits and ammo.


WOMEN IN THE NEWS (as it relates to hunting) KATNISS (Jennifer Lawrence) SUPERB ARCHERY SKILLS

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.27.39 PM

With the release of the latest installment of The Hunger Games on Nov 21st. camps are gearing up their bow and arrow programs and equipment for the girls as they all want to be Katniss….a renewed interest in the sport to be highly skilled.  I loved archery and I might now have to look into places for target practice. So whether it be bear, deer, small mammals or birds, hunting is a national sport with retail opportunities galore.  Are you game?  Time to go to target practice!