What is next? Looking Ahead… Why retail? The world of retail is changing constantly, fluid, spinning fast…this is my passion and expertise, therefore my starting point. Retail is global, influenced by world economics. Retail is local, creative, inspiring, passionate. Retail is selling, brand development, is leadership, takes courage, is entrepreneurial, is big business, is infancy, is maturity, is technology, is logistics…therefore this expansive topic gives me lots of latitude in reporting. I’m excited!
What’s inspried me? This summer my husband and I went to shows in NYC. The stories of two Broadway plays were about what happens to the next generation of business and how to reinvent products and leadership for success. “Motown” was the story of Berry Gordy, and his success in Detriot with his music company, but as his music groups became famous and moved on, he had to redefine his company. “Kinky Boots” was about a leather boot factory that had lost its customers and was revived by the son of the owner by making shoes for cross-dressers. Maturity of organizations for their next life is so interesting to me and what comes next…I love to identify new adventures and crazed about missed opportunities that seem so obvious.
What’s in the name? Connections & Dots evolved for me in realizing what I love to do…connecting people, connecting ideas, sharing unrelated topics to realize the aha moments. I love meeting new people, sharing what I know with others, realizing there are six degrees of separation. The dots are always showing up in different places. There is energy in connections, fluid, always changing, and the dots exploding. The ampersand joins topics, clarifying words with sentences that have meaning, joining ideas and allowing for more.
Why have a blog? I did not have time to explore the universe of blogging until now, and wanted to learn how to do it. I asked everyone under 35 what blogs they like. This is big for me! I want to stay current, I have opinions, I want to share my discoveries in life with a community that would think it was interesting. This taps into my passion of “Just sell stuff and make the customer happy”! There are aha moments of discovery, light bulbs going off, hopefully you will learn with me…we can do this together. I might share things you already know, but bear with me for a bit as I stretch to learn. I am also a news junkie, curious about the world and opinions. Will share that too. I will bring you into my world of discoveries in my reporting . I like pictures for inspiration and bought a new camera. What in the world am I doing now? Let’s have fun exploring together!

Reference: Filene’s site slated for $7.8m tax dealSeeding a new Boston at Filene’s site– Boston Globe 9.17.13