Decorating your house for Halloween could not have been more fun this year.  Walking the dogs, I had my camera at hand all week taking pictures in my neighborhood. You can tell that families were having fun making their house haunted and scary.


Friday night, Halloween, I called Halloween City, Halloween Spirit, and Halloween Express.  I wanted to know if markdowns would occur and if there might be a DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN SALE.  Yes I was one of those irritating customers.   I only got a busy signal!


Pop-up Halloween stores open from the first week of September and disappear by Nov 2nd.  They sell everything from spooky fangs to monstrous moving mannequins, to scary noises and everything to deck your haunted house.


Halloween Adventures has been in business for 27 years, has 3 permanent costume stores and 60 seasonal stores from Connecticut to Virginia.  They also own Smart Toys and convert those stores to Halloween for the season and then back to Smart Toys afterward for Christmas.  They do this overnight.


‘The demand for skeletons, ghosts, ghouls never changes’.  They pack up all the stores and everything gets stored in a 45.000 sq ft warehouse in Pennsylvania for next year.  Best selling costumes change from year to year depending on the trends and movies. This year it was Captain America for boys and Monster High for girls. Super Hero’s are a constant.  Ninja sells!  I love the costumes worn by sisters Elsa and Anna from Frozen. They were in high demand.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.22.40 AM

Halloween City, a division of Party City,  has 400 stores in the US.  They have a real estate team that travels the country searching for vacant stores and rent them for the short time.  Nov 1 and 2 everything in the store is 30-50% off. I found this Giant 6 ft spider at The Giant Pumpkin Tent at Halloween Express.


Spirit Halloween was acquired by Spencer Gifts and expanded to 900 stores throughout the country. Like other stores they open after Labor Day and after Halloween have a 50% off sale for the entire store…but it only lasts a couple of days.


Costumes on websites are not advertised on sale…however 25% coupons are available.  There are bargains to be had!  It’s snowing this morning, so I better get to the stores today to get the best deals for next year.

Another fun fact:

Canadians are now outspending Americans on Halloween.  In the past 3  years  Halloween has gone viral.  Kids, adults, and pets have gotten into it. Sprirt Halloween opened 63 temporary outlets and Halloween Alley has 37, pop ups in Canada. With the multicultural society, this is a holiday that everyone can celebrate.  You can spend $20 or $200…it is holiday for everyone.  In Canada, Halloween is on the shelves to buy along with back to school…earlier than the US.

October 31st, 2015  is a Saturday night,  and I’m going to have a costume party.  Save the date!  You’re all invited!  So plan your costume now!  …you have today and tomorrow to shop for bargains.