When in Rome?
Last week I was in Durango, Colorado, where my son lived for 7 years. I do love it there, sunny every day, blue sky, crisp clean air to breathe, and a sense of freedom. The style I call Arty Cowboy. A high school friend, Tari, lives nearby, so we met and started planning our 50th reunion. At lunch we asked our waiter about the closest dispensary. He was animated, anxious to share, took us through the kitchen into the back alley and to Sante Alternative Wellness. Knowing we did not have a medical card and not sure we could get in, we decided to introduce ourselves and ask the stupid questions. Beth, their employee was patient and passionate, and very informative.

There are many dispensaries in Durango, and July 1st all of them can sell retail, if ready, with a different entrance for the public, as the medicinal services entrance will continue to be separate. They welcome regulations, as it will make the industry more consistent in terms of quality. Sante Wellness carries 50 varieties of cannabis. They grow 2 varieties themselves to produce the highest THC’s and they do it by hydro grow. The state will regulate and protect these grows too. She could not tell us where their grows are located, but it is inside and secure. More competition will regulate the industry and the best dispensaries will thrive. The space was beautiful, leather sofas, big screen TV and material to read. It has that sweet smell! Only with a medical card are you allowed in the back with the product. Thus I could not buy!

The medical benefits are huge, different products for different needs. Disease and pain are caused by inflammation and cannibus is an anti- inflammatory.

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Beth told many impassioned stories of families that moved to Colorado to help their child with seizures, muscle disorders, psychological issues, chemotherapy symptoms. Charlotte’s Web is a strain effective for people with severe epilepsy and is low in THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which gets people high. Sativa (energy) and Indica (relaxation) have different characteristics. She was proud of the quality of their products to help their customers and the one on one personal service they provide.

Besides the pipes and traditional paraphernalia, smokers can use cannabis in wax or liquid form. Hash oil is very popular with e cigarettes called vapor pens. E cigarettes for tobacco in 2013 was $1.7 billion in sales and growing. Marlborough advertised at the Grammys with the shirtless tattoo guy. Soon Philip Morris and others will jump in.

Food is a large product line. Cupcakes were sold in Seattle in Seahawk colors as Washington is the second state to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use. Food is regulated in Colorado in commercial kitchens, and food is high in potency. I questioned how you know how much to eat as it is slow to release. Just experiment was the answer. Best selling cookbook ‘Wake and Bake‘ by Corinne Tobias.

Prices will NOT go lower as the sales will be heavily taxed which is welcome because over 40% of the taxes are going to the schools and anything that will help the schools is very supported.

In Denver marijuana retail sales started Jan ’14. To quote Maureen Dowd, Reefer Gladness, “Now that the mood has shifted from therapeutic medicating to self consciously scientific and capitalistic servicing consumers, education managers in white lab coats and marketing executives in suits are swarming in.”

Demand at Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours in Denver for limousine rides to pot shops is just begun.

Boston has announced the first 20 companies selected to receive dispensary licenses for medical purposes. New England Treatment Access has been approved in Brookline Coolidge Corner. All will be approved to open this summer.

To date 20 states and Washington DC have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana. Jobs will be created.

Much different than the sticks and seeds we smoked in college!
Next step? Smoking in public with battery operated e cigarettes with cannabis oil? I think it is here already! The conversation continues…


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition landed in my mailbox last week. Barbie (55 yr old doll) is Mattel’s #1 toy brand with sales declining and goal to revive sales with a competing campaign. Barbie has been top seller for 50 years. Who are they loosing out to? Their own brand of Monster High dolls with tattoos and neon hair.
Really…does this mean that the new movie Vampire Academy about a high school boarding school is going to be cool? Spare me!
What are YOU doing with your children and grandchildren? I don’t have to deal with this thankfully.
Is Twilight the new bedtime story? I think I have to apply for a medical card…I hear they give them out freely!