We opened our store Olive Connection one week ago and it has been fantastic! Our friends rallied to support us, as did the neighborhood. It is sleepy August in Brookline, many people are away, so those that came in were local and curious. Most people bought something! Web site launched. www.oliveconnection  Check it out.  There is a lot of bedtime reading here.  Hope you find it interesting.

Personalized Service for our specialty foods.

Personalized Service for our specialty food store. .Start with the best ingredients and experiment. .

Charcuterie for tasting.  Yummm

Charcuterie for tasting. Yummm

Gotta Have Olives…my favorite Lucques from France, Picholine, and other unusual naturally brined loves from Spain.

Gotta Have Olives…my favorite Lucques from France.  And  naturally brined olives from Spain too.


Award Winning Olive Oil from from Spain and  California. Everything is available to taste.  If you like the taste, you will leave with it.  We have tasted all!

Olive oil and Vinegars from all over the world are listed on the website. E commerce will come in time.  Special events will be planned too so please ‘opt into’ the communication on the website.  I promise it will be worthwhile.

And the report card is Happy Customers

And the report card is Happy Customers

In the excitement of opening our own family business, my alma mater closed its doors last week.  The staff party to celebrate 20 years of business for Crate and Barrel was Sunday night.  The gulp in my throat when I got out of the cab-and tears-and memories of hard work, lots of learning and fun, careers built and friendships made…I had to capture the moment on camera.



20 years ago the store looked like this and we could not wait to fill it with merch


Times are a changin…isn’t that the point of this blog, retail is every day, retail is detail, take nothing for granted, and appreciate every customer. High rent deals and landlords that are going after the big bucks make it difficult.  We all built our careers together learning the business and slugging it out in NYC at 59th and Madison.  The management dream team got together for this photo op while the staff was dancing.  We shared the next phase of our lives…many have big jobs at Crate now, some have exciting next chapters to explore.  This photo represents amazing talent.  What we all know is we like to sell stuff…that we learned how to do together.  And that skill will take us the distance.