I have never been successful with New Years Resolutions. Every newspaper, magazine, radio station has suggestions for us…mend relationships, become healthier, pay off debt, connect with community, help the poor.
Mine are the same every year:
loose weight, be nicer to my family, listen and ask more questions, don’t tell everyone what to do…you know the drill- really boring!

This year I am going to do what I did when I quit working 6 months ago. I visualized the life I wanted to lead daily/weekly/future. Enjoying the process daily as opposed to focusing on the end goal. I only accomplished 75% of what I thought I would do, was unrealistic of the unknown, so why should I feel badly? What I enjoyed is I did not rush, focused on what I was doing, who I was with, did not just check ‘done’ off the list. My friend Colleen gave me a book a year ago called ‘Creative Visualization-Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life’, that I recently read and realized I did everything that was in the book! In my own intense way, I thought deeply about what I wanted to achieve, beamed myself in these new environments, created a clear picture for myself, and focused on this with positive energy. Some were realistic, some were stretch assignments. (i.e. I will approach studying Spanish as a joy instead of torturing myself to memorize before class, because it was a goal.)

What I learned is you bring yourself with you in a new chapter of your life…if you were a planner before, then you continue with that same routine. I visualize a year, then break that down to quarters…then the month, and weekly details. Some people set up one day in January for themselves and they write their mantra, their specific goals, and plans to achieve them. I am not quite so structured, heady, or disciplined, my loose notes are always flexible.

Staying positive, energized by discovery, empowered to control my destiny, as there is only one constant that I expect to encounter every day and that is to expect change. I think that sounds good for now.

So let’s talk about health- which seems to be the big topic of the year. Elle Magazine article ‘Your 2014 upgrade starts here’ quotes some good authors for juice cleansing with a 21 day template, quit dieting and declare a truce with your body. “The modern woman is highly capable of having it all…confidence, effortless style, yoga flexible body and eco-conscious diet. She is too damn smart to overeat in the first place. If anything she is already healthy and getting ever healthier.”

It takes 40 days to change a habit…(isn’t that biblical?)
Maybe I will eat salad for dinner a couple times a week…and learn to plug in my new FITBIT that I bought for myself, and my family. Morry and CJ are excited. 10,000 steps a day is what the ‘spa people’ tell us to do.

People I know who inspire:
Jo Schaalman and Julie Pelaez are passionate, dedicated, health and wellness professionals who have started a business in Boulder of teaching and support through conference call sessions. Their book published last year ‘the conscious cleanse’, is lifestyle eating and a common sense approach. I have had success and have bought this book for gifts.
And Maria Shriver who has spectacular achievements yet is discovering her next chapter. Article, ‘Finding the Joy’, in AARP Jan 2014.

I have a post card on my bulletin board at my desk:
As my father always said
What are your plans?