Love Tiffany’s facade on 58th and 5th in NYC.  Yellow Diamonds…their brand identity. The day began with my early morning walking route, from 65th down Madison, cross 5th to the Rockefeller tree and NBC…Bergdorf and Saks windows, Bloomingdales first floor, and Barney’s.  I needed to get my ‘fix’ of holiday inspiration.

Adrenaline is high walking on 47th St diamond district through Times Square to Penn Station. I could not wait to get on the train to DC. Besides NYC, this year I ventured to Washington DC and Chicago.

I wanted to see the Federal Buildings and Monuments and how DC decorates.  To my surprise it was NOTHING-NADA…disappointing at best.  The politicians must be really depressed! The Capital did not have any wreath that I could see, and the ‘dinky’ tree was not lit at 3:00pm on Saturday afternoon.

Refer to the 2014 Capital Christmas Tree Lighting by House Leader John Boehner.  Hopefully they did not forget to turn the lights on at dusk.

The Capital

The Capital- note the smallish tree on the lawn

Then we mosey’d on over to the White House.  No one can get close enough today to see the trees guarded by the FBI.

The White House including sniper on the roof

Zoomed into see The White House, including sniper on the roof with two traditional trees flanking the front door.

On the back lawn of the White House there is a really weird contemporary tree.  I heard that Hillary and Bill picked out this design. Not sure if it is true, but a good story.   Large pyramid tree with smaller trees surrounding in iridescent colors. I don’t get it. Not my favorite.  Tom Hanks and company lit this one in the official ceremony.  Click for the official picture of the tree.  Deck the Halls with White House Tree Lighting and President Obama’s Holiday Message.

The White House contemporary tree.

The White House contemporary tree.


I then suggested that we go to Georgetown, where there had to be wonderful decorations in this traditional shopping district.  Much to my surprise it was again a contemporary spin.  Low budget too.  P1020799We decided to go to Clarendon where we knew the stores would have a more festive feeling.

Crate & Barrel Clarendon

Crate & Barrel Clarendon

And then onto Alexandria, Virginia, for the real traditional look we were counting on.  I missed the house walk and the parade with bag pipes, however the decor did not disappoint.

Entrance to a brownstone on Lee St in Alexandria

Entrance to a brownstone on Lee St in Alexandria

Blue house and simple decor, bench for a rest

Blue house with simple traditional decor, bench for a rest

One of many window boxes with apples.  Pears were popular too

One of many window boxes with apples. Pears were popular too

I want to live in this weeny house

I want to live in this weeny house- they were working on getting their wreath

So next year I have to see the INTERIOR of the White House to see Winter Wonderland.  I will need to write a letter to Joe Kennedy to get in.  Maybe I could volunteer to decorate  next year’s Christmas Tree in the Blue Room.  Wouldn’t that be fun and newsworthy! White House Christmas Tree History in the Blue Room.  The first lady’s dresses through the years are fashion statements.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.05.16 AM

Love Chicago…The Magnificent Mile is AWESOME.  Twinkling lights along the shopping promenade.  Every building and tree decorated with lights.

900 N Michigan shopping

900 N Michigan interior


View from Sue's balcony looking at the Merchandise Mart and the Chicago River

View from my friend Sue’s balcony looking at the Merchandise Mart and the Chicago River



Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah from Barbara’s apt overlooking Wrigley Field

Now I have to get my holiday outfit together…oh my, what will I wear?  These look good…

Gotta have them

Gotta have them

Wishing Everyone Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas…Have fun shopping…and Thanks a million for reading…  Carol