This has been a very full year.  In 2014 my ‘dance card has been full.’ In other words, I lived my calendar just the way I wanted.  I rarely said ‘no’ to anything.

My traveling started with the mind explosion of Dubai,  cooking and eating my way through Provence and Tuscany, enjoying girlfriend time on the beach in North Carolina, visiting friends in California twice.  I exercised in Mexico, celebrated our anniversary in Quebec, flew to Colorado, fishing in Minnesota, and ended the year hiking in Utah.  I realized there were only 2 pictures of myself alone…both are in this blog…and took thousands of pictures throughout the year of my husband, people and scenery.


Relationship building was a goal of mine and I did it with new friends from the Girl Scouts, Garden Club, and Senior Center.  Exploring the Fancy Food Show I  met artisans so proud of their products, renewed friendships with high school friends at the reunion, and made time to meet old friends for lunch. Professionally  I challenged myself to explore entrepreneurial avenues, offering advice and coaching unofficially and officially to women whose careers can soar.

I spent more time with family, visiting parents, siblings, and cousins with weddings and celebrations (+sister and cousin in-laws which I adore). I also enjoyed more time with my son who moved back to Boston after being in Colorado for 9 years.

Never one to brag, but every month I was going somewhere.  I kept friendships with colleagues in Boston, DC, and NY, relaxed in Maine,  ‘the way life should be’ and golfed in Vermont.  I accomplished MOST of the goals I set out to do, including exercising more and having a trainer whose personality I like.

How to approach 2015?  

I am taking a new approach…taking the pressure off and spending the month of January writing thoughts  in a new journal.  I will devise categories, the first is my personal development…(as it is all about me)…how I am visualizing adding value…and looking more closely at capitalizing on my strengths.  Your weaknesses are always the same, so forget them…just make your strengths better.

I follow Arianna Huffington’s 12 Steps to Thriving in the New Year.  She inspires me. I like what she says about focusing on gratitude, listen to your inner wisdom, and don’t be involved with anything disturbing, i.e. turn off the news and your electronics before bedtime.

Remember I’m a simple gal, no big words, just PLAN YOUR WORK AND WORK YOUR PLAN.

I like STRENGTHS FINDER 2.0 by Tom Rath.  If you get the book there is a quiz on-line and the results are your top 5 themes with explanation.  It’s fun and takes no time at all.  Kind of a self-help without a shrink.

Another favorite is Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself by Rita Balian Allen (my friend). I took her course a few years ago and loved it.  There is an exercise to rank your values.  The book is an easy read and many aha moments…like, ‘yes, I can do that!’ Rita suggests to spend a day at the beginning of January with yourself just to think about your goals. I find that difficult, so I do a half day so my head doesn’t hurt. I need a lot of plates spinning in different directions all the time…my DNA, so it will take me the month.

The point is just have F-U-N with it and don’t stress out!

I take nothing for granted and THANK YOU for reading my blog.  I promise not to waste your time…now that is pressure!

Being current and on-trend is always a goal of mine…so in 2015 I will open my check book, buy an Apple watch, I Phone 6, and start using Apple Pay.

Happy New Year to All and best of Health, Laughter and Love…oxCarol