Did you go to Girl Scout Camp?  I remember feeling excitement and fear, loneliness being away from home, and liked the new friends I made adjusting to the experience. I loved my counselors and can still remember their names. I remember the smell of the tents and the mosquitoes. It was the north woods of Wisconsin, the land of the vicious bugs! Jumping into the cold lake water with the seaweed underfoot, I learned how to swim, was in the ‘dolphin’ group.  Cooking and singing around the campfire every night was  fun. I can still remember the songs!

I had the pleasure of visiting 3 camps last month for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass.  Being a new member of the Board, I wanted to see what camp was all about today.  These happy girls were proud to show me their messy tent at Camp Favorite in Brewster, Ma. It is the 56th season of this premier sailing camp.  On Long Pond in Brewster, the girls learn to sail, surf, kayak on the pond and advance to the ocean.  They build confidence, friendships, leadership, creative play and team sports.  They learn overall safely, respectful manners, and how to live outdoors.


Mary is the Director of Outdoor Programming for all the camps (of which there are 8).  We had grilled cheese sandwiches over the open fire. Yumm!  ‘Goosey’  is the camp director, has been a GS for 17 yrs and this is her 13th summer at camp.  Last year she taught English in Moscow.  The staff is dynamic, they love the girls, and most are teachers during the school year. It costs $950 to send a girl to this camp, and with the quality of the counselors and the programing it is a bargain.  Financial aid is available for many girls and Mary is in charge of distributing the $150,000 budget to make sure no girl gets left behind. Donations targeted to camping are always welcome. Camp can be available as a company retreat and team building seminar too. 


Camp Wind in the Pines is both a day camp and resident (overnight) camp on Gallows Pond in Plymouth, Ma. The camp has arts and crafts, drama, sports, boating and high and low ropes. There is a 35 ft rock climbing wall too.  These younger girls are learning about REUSE/RECYCLE, braiding plastic bags to make jump ropes.  They were talking together about how they were going home to do the ALS challenge pouring ice on their heads. Very cute!


The older girls were dissecting a cows eye as part of the STEM (science, technology, math).  The next day they were  dissecting a nurse shark.  Another group was going through the regurgitation of an owl to see what skeletons were in there…hmmm.


‘Seahawk’  is charge of the water sports.  She is from Sweden. Mary hired 60 young women from other countries to be counselors to get more diversity and world exposure for the girls. ‘Rufio’ is the Director of the Day camp, has been a GS for 23 yrs and is her 4th yr as camp director.  She teaches at New England Natures Classroom.  Wouldn’t you love to spend a day with these happy women?

Camp Maude Eaton, Andover, Ma is a day camp on 56 acres of pine forest. Their Director ‘Lucky’  is a retired kindergarden teacher of 25 yrs. The Mayor of Lowell, was sending 25 girls to the camp from his budget.  He believes in this rich experience for girls.  They start with the flying squirrel to learn teamwork and learn archery.  Day camp is the first step for young girls to feel confident about going to overnight camp.

Don’t you want to send your daughter or granddaughter to be exposed to this great opportunity?  I highly recommend it!  And earn Badges!

GIRL IN THE NEWS: Mo’ne Davis, the 13 year old pitcher and hitter from the Taney Dragons in the Little League World Series.  A 70 mph fastball, and with all the fanfare she is focused to stay calm and confident.  Throw Like A Girl…has a new meaning. You Go Girl!