28 04, 2014

Let Them Eat Kale/Carrots…or Cake?

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I’m so confused on what to eat.  Too many rules, and too many things to remember.

We have the DETOX foods…I could use those, as you know I love my wine…

They are artichokes, citrus, sunflower seeds, lentils, garlic, red pepper, walnuts, turmeric, cucumber, broccoli.

Then there are the CLEANSE rules…some say juice for 3 days and that washes out the toxins.

Some say no meat for 7 days…(me, the carnivore, craved a piece [...]

1 04, 2014

42 and Still Counting!

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Most people go someplace warm to get away from the winter blues.  Not us…we always go north and this year it was Quebec City.  We spent our honeymoon here 42 years ago so instead of going to an Elvis Chapel, (he really wants to do this) we stayed at the same hotel, ate at the same restaurants, walked the same streets, shopped and discovered new shops and markets.  What [...]

11 03, 2014

Mind Explosion New and Old

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Last week I had the pleasure to travel to Dubai,  and after this incredible trip I wish everyone under 30 could visit, or work, to experience  what is happening in the world,  the blending of  multiple cultures living together to produce economic prosperity. Looking at a map, it is situated on the Persian Gulf, across from Iran, next to Oman, Qatar. Dubai is part of the UAE, the seven [...]

25 02, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

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When in Rome?
Last week I was in Durango, Colorado, where my son lived for 7 years. I do love it there, sunny every day, blue sky, crisp clean air to breathe, and a sense of freedom. The style I call Arty Cowboy. A high school friend, Tari, lives nearby, so we met and started planning our 50th reunion. At lunch we asked our waiter about the closest dispensary. [...]

4 02, 2014

Sharing Is Caring

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It’s now the beginning of February and I have to admit it has been hard to get into a routine for 2014. The big adjustment is what do I wear every day? I put on the same clothes. When I was working sometimes I wore the same outfits back to back, but I was always with new people and they never knew. Exercise clothes go on first to make [...]

24 12, 2013

52 Hours In NYC

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I had to go to get my shot of adrenaline, excitement, holiday transfusion and breathe the energy. Arriving at Peter’s apt where I lived twice a month for 17 years, looking down at Madison Ave from the 4th floor window, I felt a bit of anxiety, voyeurism, as I did not live there anymore. So I got on my walking boots and went to my usual jaunts. First to [...]

12 11, 2013

Barcelona and Beyond Through Food

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What better way to learn about a city and a region but through food. I love the markets, the smells, the energy the history. So Morry and I set out on our adventure with our new friend and culinary expert Yvan Mass from Spain Taste. It is his business and personal. He suggested the best places to go in Barcelona (5 days) and with him (5 days) we traveled [...]