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28 04, 2014

Let Them Eat Kale/Carrots…or Cake?

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I’m so confused on what to eat.  Too many rules, and too many things to remember.

We have the DETOX foods…I could use those, as you know I love my wine…

They are artichokes, citrus, sunflower seeds, lentils, garlic, red pepper, walnuts, turmeric, cucumber, broccoli.

Then there are the CLEANSE rules…some say juice for 3 days and that washes out the toxins.

Some say no meat for 7 days…(me, the carnivore, craved a piece [...]

24 03, 2014

How many languages can you speak?

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Who is married to who?  You might be from the US married to an Asian, an Asian married to someone from India, a Turk married to a someone from Spain, a Columbian married to an Asian, an Asian married to someone from an Africa country…the list goes on

I had the pleasure of being involved with the international schools when I was in Dubai,  the exposure to curriculum and programs [...]

11 03, 2014

Mind Explosion New and Old

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Last week I had the pleasure to travel to Dubai,  and after this incredible trip I wish everyone under 30 could visit, or work, to experience  what is happening in the world,  the blending of  multiple cultures living together to produce economic prosperity. Looking at a map, it is situated on the Persian Gulf, across from Iran, next to Oman, Qatar. Dubai is part of the UAE, the seven [...]

25 02, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

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When in Rome?
Last week I was in Durango, Colorado, where my son lived for 7 years. I do love it there, sunny every day, blue sky, crisp clean air to breathe, and a sense of freedom. The style I call Arty Cowboy. A high school friend, Tari, lives nearby, so we met and started planning our 50th reunion. At lunch we asked our waiter about the closest dispensary. [...]

21 01, 2014

It’s All About The ‘HUNT’

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As a shopper the fun is in the ‘HUNT’ for the for the best product! Whether you shop a flea market, or a store chocked full of new or old goods to pick through, the time spent and the final choice is the reward.
As a business owner the ‘HUNT’ is the search for customers and today it is about using BIG DATA (the new buzz word) to find [...]

3 12, 2013

Buying from those that Give

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Cyber Monday is over (we got past Black Friday and the weekend) and now there will be a bit of a lul until a week before Christmas Tuesday the 17th and then the madness begins again through New Years Day. The National Retail Federation forecasts marginal sales gains this season and retailers make their black balance sheets the week before and the week after Christmas…they clear the old goods and bring [...]

29 10, 2013

Blog and Bee-yond

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Bees are marvelous creatures,they have an organized community, pollenate our fruits, nuts, and fibers, then supply us with honey which has antibiotic properties and bees wax. They connect the universe, are fundamental to the earth. Without them we would not have flowers, crops, they take care of the world.

I became interested in bees from our friend Jim in Vinalhaven, Maine. He has a few hives, and because the island [...]