22 04, 2014

100,000 Daffodils #WeRunTogether

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One Hundred Thousand  bulbs were planted along the entire 26.2 mile stretch by Boston Marathon Daffodil Volunteers.  That’s a lot of holes to dig!

With all the emotional articles of the survivors, the tribute to those that died, the excitement and energy of Boston to take back the city BOSTON STRONG, I have been interested in what companies have done for their employees who were working or volunteering last year. [...]

11 02, 2014

A Valentine For Mom

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Valentines Day is Friday and instead of waiting until Mother’s Day I decided this would be a perfect week to to celebrate my mother. I visited her in Milwaukee last week where the high was 4 degrees. Catherine (Tweet is the nickname) is 91 and lives in the house I grew up in with George, her second husband, (they married at 75). My father died when she was 73 [...]

31 12, 2013

If It Is Going To BE-It Is Up To ME

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I have never been successful with New Years Resolutions. Every newspaper, magazine, radio station has suggestions for us…mend relationships, become healthier, pay off debt, connect with community, help the poor.
Mine are the same every year:
loose weight, be nicer to my family, listen and ask more questions, don’t tell everyone what to do…you know the drill- really [...]

24 12, 2013

52 Hours In NYC

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I had to go to get my shot of adrenaline, excitement, holiday transfusion and breathe the energy. Arriving at Peter’s apt where I lived twice a month for 17 years, looking down at Madison Ave from the 4th floor window, I felt a bit of anxiety, voyeurism, as I did not live there anymore. So I got on my walking boots and went to my usual jaunts. First to [...]

17 12, 2013

The Power of Gathering

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I love Beacon Hill during the holidays, the epitome of Boston tasteful and conservative decorations.  This is Louisburg Square, (John Kerry owns a townhouse here) however, it could be Georgetown, or Pine Street in Philadelphia where the brownstone window boxes, wreaths, cobblestone sidewalks and green space are magical. Boston is understated decorations, lights in the trees on the Common and skating on the Frog Pond…no worries about melting ice

Many [...]

10 12, 2013

Shopping in your Hood…and beyond

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One of my goals not working this December was to decorate my house like I have never done before and host gatherings with my friends. So last week we found every box in the attic of ornaments and elves, santas, sleds, deer, etc. Some boxes I had not opened in 10 years. I spent a day without music in a Zen state playing and arranging. I bought various varieties [...]

3 12, 2013

Buying from those that Give

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Cyber Monday is over (we got past Black Friday and the weekend) and now there will be a bit of a lul until a week before Christmas Tuesday the 17th and then the madness begins again through New Years Day. The National Retail Federation forecasts marginal sales gains this season and retailers make their black balance sheets the week before and the week after Christmas…they clear the old goods and bring [...]

24 11, 2013

It’s Thanksgivukkah

By |November 24th, 2013|Holidays|


The reason Hanukkah and Thanksgiving will overlap this year is because the Jewish calendar repeats on a 19 year cycle, and Thanksgiving repeats on a 7 year cycle. You would therefore expect them to coincide roughly every 19×7 = 133 years. Which is correct – the last time it would have happened is 1861. But Thanksgiving was only formally established by President Lincoln in 1863 (which [...]