11 03, 2014

Mind Explosion New and Old

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Last week I had the pleasure to travel to Dubai,  and after this incredible trip I wish everyone under 30 could visit, or work, to experience  what is happening in the world,  the blending of  multiple cultures living together to produce economic prosperity. Looking at a map, it is situated on the Persian Gulf, across from Iran, next to Oman, Qatar. Dubai is part of the UAE, the seven [...]

25 02, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

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When in Rome?
Last week I was in Durango, Colorado, where my son lived for 7 years. I do love it there, sunny every day, blue sky, crisp clean air to breathe, and a sense of freedom. The style I call Arty Cowboy. A high school friend, Tari, lives nearby, so we met and started planning our 50th reunion. At lunch we asked our waiter about the closest dispensary. [...]

18 02, 2014

What was Ralph thinking?

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Really Ralph? What were you thinking? Is it a bit too American? Too overpowering? Well the sweater sold out within hours with a price tag of $595. Now you can find them on eBay! Price tag $1995! Don’t you love it now? Ralph Lauren posted earnings and sales forecasts February 5th beating Wall Street predictions with quarterly profits up 9.7% over the year prior. This is the premier American [...]