Blogs That Inspire Me

Blogs That Inspire Me

P1010166Everyone in the blogging world has those bloggers they follow faithfully.  When I ask friends their favorites, I get so many responses my head spins.  I’m sharing with you some that give me inspiration.


WAVE HILL WALL OF JEWELSPosted: 05 May 2014 07:07 AM PDT

I had a hankering this weekend to visit Wave Hill, a beautiful garden in Riverdale, NYC,  in the Bronx. There were a couple of pines I wanted to check out, and I needed a hit of spring bulbs (beyond the beloved daffodils.) A friend had never seen the place, but always wanted to, and that sealed the deal. I packed a few slices of olive oil cake for fortification, as one always needs a snack after a stroll. (This is my favorite new recipe for tea parties, one that I have baked a few too many times this winter–and yes, one always needs stoutness exercises after a snack….)

But I was surprised by what I consider the shy star of the garden right now. At the back of a clever series of troughs we spotted a stone wall–at least six feet high–covered with miniature jewels. We got a lesson in planting walls with tiny delights.

In general the hothouses are looking splendid; there’s an enormous therapeutic benefit to breathing the air in a glasshouse. Several beds of large sedum were handsome and elegantly plump.

The Seventh Sphinx

le motoPosted: 05 May 2014 05:30 AM PDT


After years (years!) of futile* hunting, I found a pair of knee high leather boots. The leather is gorgeously soft. You can’t quite see but they have a modest heel. They were destined to become best friends with this jacket.


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Clivia.slimpaley.comPale yellow Clivia from my garden.

It was beautiful here in Santa Barbara.


I spent some time in my garden. Despite the lack of rain here, necessitating a serious cut back on water usage, it’s been a stellar Spring for our roses.

Hiking Santa Barbara I also took a couple of beautiful hikes this week, including one to the top of the mountains above Montecito with a good friend who was celebrating her birthday. Nothing like reaching the peak after a hard climb to appreciate and commemorate  the passing of another year.  The stone heart stays the same but the messages change. This week we found one worth sharing.

Some of these bogglers are people I met, are designers and fashionistas.  I love seeing what everyone posts. I hear the journalism classrooms are filled with writers so there will be no shortage of bloggers and editors for the future.  I did not give you my political blogs…a whole other universe!  I am hooked on those too!

Bloglovin has a menu of blogs that you can sign up for in a daily or weekly feed.  I am intrigued by how many are revenue producing.  Lots to learn in this new atmosphere.

Let me know if there are any that you follow weekly that you think I would enjoy! Thanks a million!


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