Whether you are working ‘for the man’ or working for yourself, isn’t it best to approach your responsibilities as an entrepreneur?  That is how I always approached my day to day…as if I it was mine and I controlled my destiny!

My friend and colleague Triccia Ramos sent a weekly communique on selling to her team that captured the essence.  Allow me to share:

So what exactly is an entrepreneur?


One definition of the word entrepreneur from Harvard Business School was conceived 37 years ago by HBS professor Howard Stevenson. He says, “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.”  He further explained that entrepreneurs “see an opportunity and don’t feel constrained from pursuing it because they lack resources.” He added, “They’re used to making do without resources.”

When I think of someone with an “entrepreneurial spirit” certain words come to mind: courageous, excited, good intentions, enthusiastic, passionate, glass half-full, persistent, consistent, determined, unstoppable, disciplined, focused, empowered, confident, commitment, eager to learn, available, open, teachable, self-aware, optimistic, compassionate, humble, self-motivated, engages in personal development, connects with others, embraces the unknown, enjoys going out of their comfort zone, leads oneself, desire to serve others, and is action-oriented.  

Think of those you know that have many of these qualities. They are entrepreneurs!

Would you agree?

 I think of the role of the Furniture Selling Expert, and how that role is designed for someone with the very same entrepreneurial spirit.  In addition to the words highlighted above, if I were to ask you to describe the Ideal Furniture Expert, I bet you would say:  top sellers, little to no returns, builds relationships, establish and maintains client base, a delight to work with for internal and external customers alike, actively prospects for customers, impeccable in their business practices, and uses tools to prevent customer service situations from arising, follows-up consistently, embraces technology to manage time and organize self.

I would add that the ideal Furniture Selling Expert sees opportunities, and doesn’t feel constrained from pursuing it just because the situation around them isn’t what they had hoped.  They make do.  They figure it out.  Trivial things don’t bring them down.  They try different things over and over again until they succeed.  And even when they do succeed, they still want to get better.  They raise their own standards to elevate their own performance every single time.  They set big goals and break them down into small achievable steps.  They make a difference. 

And as you look closely within your stores today, do the Furniture Selling Experts embody that entrepreneurial spirit?  Are they creating opportunities for themselves?  Are they promoting the brand by offering outstanding WOW service?  And are they building lasting relationships that foster repeat business?   If the answers to the questions above isn’t a resounding YES YES and YES, then I must ask this:  What will YOU do about it to lead, and inspire?”


​WOMEN IN THE NEWS: Closing the Confidence Gap by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman (two women I admire) wrote an article for The Atlantic.  It is a lengthy article but goes along with success, entrepreneurial spirit and confidence which is a key element in women achieving high leadership positions.  The article sites much research.

“A growing body of evidence shows just how devastating this lack of confidence can be. Success, it turns out, correlates just as closely with confidence as it does with competence.”

Women underestimate both their abilities and performance even though the end performance of men and women do not differ in quality. Confidence turns thoughts into judgements about what we are capable of and that then transforms those judgements into action.  Confidence is a belief in one’s ability to succeed, a belief that stimulates action. And this confidence accumulates through hard work, through success, and even through failure.

Worth your time for bedtime reading…
Guess it all boils down to the old time proverb…”if you don’t succeed try, try, again“…and believing in yourself helps too.