I live in Boston, a city I love, have Midwest roots, growing up in Wisconsin and going to school at the U of W before starting my working career in department store retail in Chicago. It was in Chicago that I was awed by the new store Crate&Barrel, loved the environment, thought everyone working there was ‘cool’, and the new philosophy of bringing great design to the home at an affordable price to customers. I was part of the C&B family. I joined as the first management trainee in 1971, and had the fortunate opportunity to contribute to the growth of the brand for 42 years. I finished my career with ‘Crate” this summer and now ready for new discoveries. I’ve built a retail business, created people’s careers, have good taste and can throw a major party in a nanosecond. Today, I leverage the lessons of my decades of success in retail to advance the people and causes I care about with warmth, passion, and vision.

I consider myself a thought leader and agent of change. I am passionate about all that is new, as now I have time to discover more that I have not had time for in the past. I love learning about new things, meeting new people, exploring, as I am an optimistic believer in all that is possible. My approach has been with intensity for whatever I am doing, thrive on challenge and want to inspire. I am a keen shopper, eat challenges for breakfast (on gorgeous plates) and always excited about what comes next. I hope to be involved and contribute in ways to advance careers of people I care about, and inspire women to exceed their potential.
My mantra: ponder it, plan it, do it, share it, and enjoy it.

For the past 15 years I have written ‘Carol’s Communique’ on a weekly basis and had 150 followers within Crate&Barrel. It was informative, personal, celebratory, and upbeat. My community of followers encouraged me to continue the weekly dialogue in the format of a blog so bear with me as I start the journey of what in the world is Carol doing now? I encourage you to send me comments and material that you also find interesting . I will share my favorite blogs, and we can all learn together.