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24 03, 2014

How many languages can you speak?

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Who is married to who?  You might be from the US married to an Asian, an Asian married to someone from India, a Turk married to a someone from Spain, a Columbian married to an Asian, an Asian married to someone from an Africa country…the list goes on

I had the pleasure of being involved with the international schools when I was in Dubai,  the exposure to curriculum and programs [...]

18 03, 2014

What’s With Bossy?

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“You’re not the boss of me” -( yes I am because I am your mother and this is my job)

“You’re  treating me like your employee and telling me what to do”- (yes because there are things that need to be done)

Last week there was a lot of dialogue in the news about banning the word ‘bossy’.  Sheryl Sandberg’s foundation,, has teamed up with the Girl Scouts for a [...]

11 03, 2014

Mind Explosion New and Old

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Last week I had the pleasure to travel to Dubai,  and after this incredible trip I wish everyone under 30 could visit, or work, to experience  what is happening in the world,  the blending of  multiple cultures living together to produce economic prosperity. Looking at a map, it is situated on the Persian Gulf, across from Iran, next to Oman, Qatar. Dubai is part of the UAE, the seven [...]

4 03, 2014

Lessons From My Father

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What are the words embedded in our brains that were can recite at a minutes notice and shock ourselves that we can remember?
The Lord’s Prayer, The Kiddush, The Golden Rule, The Girl Scout Promise, Psalm 316, Mourner’s Kaddish
… you might have more…

I was reminded this week from a post on Linked-in by Angela Ahrendts whom I follow. She said she spent hours in her father’s office rereading [...]