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29 10, 2013

Blog and Bee-yond

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Bees are marvelous creatures,they have an organized community, pollenate our fruits, nuts, and fibers, then supply us with honey which has antibiotic properties and bees wax. They connect the universe, are fundamental to the earth. Without them we would not have flowers, crops, they take care of the world.

I became interested in bees from our friend Jim in Vinalhaven, Maine. He has a few hives, and because the island [...]

23 10, 2013

It started with the Vermont Cheese Map

By |October 23rd, 2013|Food|

I wanted to go to the Cheese Festival in Vermont and this year we made it. We followed the map to discover small artisans and go to farms that are not open to the public, but who were generous with their time to share their craft. One of our favorite discoveries was Thistle Hill Farm,  located on mountain top in Pomfret, Vermont. A certified organic farm in the traditional method. [...]

21 10, 2013

The Times They Are A-Changin’

By |October 21st, 2013|About the blog|

What is next? Looking Ahead… Why retail? The world of retail is changing constantly, fluid, spinning fast…this is my passion and expertise, therefore my starting point. Retail is global, influenced by world economics. Retail is local, creative, inspiring, passionate. Retail is selling, brand development, is leadership, takes courage, is entrepreneurial, is big business, is infancy, is maturity, is technology, is logistics…therefore this expansive topic gives me lots of [...]