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Did you get this too? Delivered UPS from Restoration Hardware.  The neighborhood and tweets are buzzing with controversy as to who got it, and who didn’t.  Some of my friends are upset that they didn’t get it…is their neighborhood not cool enough, their houses not worth the big dollars, their taste in question, and  how was the data based marketing figured out?

Waste of paper, yes…but the books are good, a bit redundant, but who cares…they don’t!

The video explaining the Boston Museum is definitely worth seeing narrated by Gary Friedman.  I have a better understanding of what they wanted to accomplish.

“Built in 1862,  the building was the Museum of Natural History.  RH in this building will change everything, to reclaim the grandeur and bring back the history and vision of the original architect.  A junction of furniture harmonizing with architecture,  hospitality in a retail environment.  It is more than selling furniture, it is about leading and not following, which reflects the brand values and beliefs.  Celebrate what was,  bring it back, and bring it forward.”

As I wonder…who buys this stuff…an unbiased critique now for me of the style and  pricing…they are good.  Good thing they have deep pockets too!  Have you seen the products in your friend’s homes?  I haven’t…but I have bought a few things and that’s why I got the books even though I was not invited to the opening party last year and have not gotten over that.  Will my friends get over that I got the books and they didn’t?  If you haven’t visited the store yet,  time to go. And next time you need a dining chair, a big lamp, a crib, an occasional chair check them out.   They don’t want to churn out inventory…they want to inspire first.

If you don’t agree with me and already have pitched the 15.8# of paper in the recycling bin, I guarantee your visit to this location will produce the WOW!

WOMAN IN THE NEWS: Maleficent  ‘Sleeping Beauty’  opens this Friday May 30th

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Angelina Jolie on the cover of Elle Magazine with a great article.  She invited the creator director of Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane to photograph her in all her beauty.  I am liking her!  She is 39! She is also directing and editing the film UNBROKEN, the WWII epic.  She is a pilot so studying flight patterns from this true story is interesting to her.  I loved the book so this one is not to be missed.  Her affinity for firearms and hand to hand combat took training as has the ability to use her powerful voice in this movie.  The eerie amber contact lenses and prosthetic cheekbone extensions are interesting.  There will be a makeup line coming out soon.

Six children in 6 years ( including her biological twins) and adoptions from all over the globe.  She was inspired by her mother who died at age 56 and wants to be private about her radical surgery. Her biography is amazing and worth a look, achieving many humanitarian awards.  She appears genuine in her attitude toward family.

Over 6 million viewers on this trailer… should be the box office hit of the weekend.

Have a good week and thanks a million for taking the time to read my thoughts of the week.