20 12, 2015

The Trophy Gift-Less stress and more fun.

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The latest blog on the Olive Connection website has the link below…

The Trophy Gift- Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a joyous week and Christmas Celebration.


Thank you for shopping with us.  Our friends have been awesome supporters.  It’s so rewarding when our old and new friends are customers and like our stuff!


we are having fun too. Isn’t that what it’s all about? oxC

11 12, 2015

Happy Hanukkah-How do you celebrate?

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Sunday night is the last night of Hanukkah so I wrote this blog post on the Olive Connection website to celebrate and talk about gifts small and large.
Here is the link to the blog-Happy Hanukkah

3 12, 2015

Three Weeks to go Shopping

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New Blog today on Olive Connection Website
Shopping is Personal and Fun…

18 11, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving-Fall Flavors Delight

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New Blog today on Olive Connection Home Page.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

26 10, 2015

Never Too Early- to get a jump the season

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It’s already Christmas in my mind…building your inventory to prepare, ordering packaging to figure out what will be the hot sellers and projecting your needs. My family wants me to chill a bit…it’s not even Halloween…

Now that I realize how big we are as a gift store, bigger than I anticipated…we are getting ready. Thus the New Blog Today.

Enjoy and click below.

18 10, 2015

EveryDay Everything We Do Is New-

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It’s a mind explosion for me every day, learning about the business and what we need to do to make it work. I’m putting together e-commerce with an awesome guy who lives in Louisiana…patient with my naive questions and not remembering the answers. Love the slow talking southern drawl. Stay tuned…will keep you informed on next steps and when it launches.  I have to figure out the shipping next…a [...]

4 10, 2015

New Blog on Olive Connection Website

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It’s Sunday, and wanted to give you a recap of the week at the store…that’s where I am most days. Having fun putting on another layer of product and events. Check us out and sign up on the website for immediate info. Thanks a million. Carol

24 09, 2015

First Month of Learning

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New Blog Today…Here is a link on the Olive Connection Website.

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31 08, 2015

Farm Dinner Blog

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Farm Dinner Blog-Olive Connection 

Hi Friends, click above, the link for the Olive Connection Store Blog…enjoy!

And thanks for all your support…ox

22 08, 2015

Olive Connection Blog

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Hello Friends

I want to share with you how the blog journey will evolve.  When I write about the store I will do it on the Olive Connections website, and add a link here so you can easily see it.  Better yet, sign up on the website and you can get it automatically.  I will still use my personal blog site when I want to share thoughts not part [...]